Grace Federighi


An air of edge, mystery, and sophistication emerge from Grace Federighi's figurative work.  The drama of charcoal strokes, textured layers of acrylic paint, and methodical composition merge together like beautiful complexities of the female soul.   At times, Grace allows the paint to guide her as it glides and seeps into linen canvas.  Combining a variety of techniques and mediums, she pushes her figurative abstraction to create a timeless elegance of bold work.  Grace also continues to explore the world of street, surrealistic and documentary photography.

Living a life in art began with Grace’s childhood in Krakow, Poland. Using elements of nature, and items found around the home, she would make a cardboard dollhouse, floral head wreaths and draw in chalk doll like figures on the outside building walls of her family’s rental apartment.

After immigrating to the U.S., Grace pursued business for financial security. Even with this career plan, she never fully never stopped painting or photography. While working and raising two boys alongside her husband, Grace began to create figurative art and street photography and developed a collector following.

An unexpected life change prompted Grace to fully return to the journey started outside her Krakow apartment.  Over the years, Grace has exhibited in both group and private art shows, collaborated with local businesses, national retailers, interior designers, curators and has had her work featured in showcase houses, advertorial campaigns, and on HGTV.

Grace's latest solo exhibition LUCIDITY, in September of 2023, showcased her figurative work In Chicago.  Grace continues to exhibit in group shows and promotes her lifestyle message of how to #liveyourlifeinart through her other passions; interior design and fashion.  Her painted books and #LYLIAmerch are an extension of her creativity.